Sunday, September 21, 2008


Satomi is twenty five years old. She has been having difficulty communicating with people. It always comes all of the sudden after she encountered a big shock. She lose her word and become unable to open her mouse until her fears go away. Sometimes for a week, sometimes for months. She has one friend called Hikaru and is the only person she can communicate while she is mute. Hikaru has lots of friends but Satomi is also very special person to him. Her sensitivity and strength are unlike any other that he admires more than anything else. The lights glitters in the dark. The shadow born from the light.

photo taken by (C)mkyg

Monday, July 21, 2008


I just wanted to make her happy. Like always, I let her down. How long have we been felt this way? When she wants to have a Chinese dish, I want to have a Indian dish. When I send her a dozen of roses, she said she has allergy to rose. She told me to call her, but she doesn't pick up the phone when I call her. Where on earth can handle this difficult woman. I am wondering if I really should marry to.

photo taken by (C)mkyg

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Why is this city always crowded? Is there any other road? She was panic about being late because she felt that her perfect first date is vanishing. Shoot, I shouldn't have gotten change. Just one of those things, the taxi driver. I know I know I know I know... oh pls Bob Marley help me I know but we ain't even started.

photo taken by (C)mkyg

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Many Thanks

Till the silence returns, he sits still and
calmly waiting for the progress.
Get himself under control without
glamorizing what his senses capture.
His ability to endear himself is
what he has bred in the bone.

I asked "Why are you so kind?"
He said "Take a turn."

photo taken by (C)mkyg

Saturday, June 28, 2008


"CK Escape", unforgetable scent. My wife's favorite perfume since 1991. I never imagined that I can find this comfort after its boom faded away. But it was not only the cent. The beautiful stranger walk past had almost same hight and curves. Am I dreaming? The crowds gave her a chance to escape from my eyes.

photo taken by (C)mkyg

Calvin Klein Escape For Her
This feminine scent contains a blend of apple, mandarin, rose, plum, peach, and top notes of musk and sandalwood. Escape contains more unusual fruits, such as lychee, and less traditional floral overtones, such as French Marigold, osmanthus and the tartness of carnation.