Sunday, April 8, 2007

BBBB (Black Bottom Brass Band)

Black Bottom Brass Band ;-)

I encountered a Jam Session at near the JR Takadano-baba station(2nd station from Shinjuku by Yamanote-Line, towards Ikebukuro) yesterday.
Some from Waseda University near by, some from weekend musician, and from the BBBB!
Tamotsu who plays
sousaphone in the Black Bottom Brass Band, caught my eyes by the size of his instrument(yup, the "B", "B ", "B", "B", logo on the sousa, too ;-) and his air of cheerfulness. People in the session were looked a little tense, the firm expressions in their face and sounds.. could be because they just had started when I walked pass. My lens received strongest energy from Tamotsu in the group when I was there.

The Black Bottom Brass Band plays all over Japan. Good luck!

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photos taken by (C)mkyg

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