Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm in DUBAI ;)

Hello everyone! On May 14, 5:15am, 30C degree... I arrived Dubai, UAE. As usual, not much special feelings. Just an another ordinary day had started. ;) A driver from our company came to pick me up and checked in the Hotel around 6:30am. Take a walk for a couple of hours and have done some first photo shootings ;) I'm at an internet cafe. Here's our current environment.

MSN Messenger: OK
Yahoo! Messenger: OK
Blogger: OK
Flickr: NG (blocked)
Skype: NG (blocked)

The site which has keyword "proxy" is also blocked.
Anyhow, so far so good. I'd safely arrived in Dubai. ;)

Thank you so much for all your encouragement.
Talk to you soon!


nicolacassa said...

Uh! 30 degrees! So hot! Do you like tanning yourself? I hope so!Have fun! :)

mkyg said...

Thanks Nicola ;-) It's over 40C degree during daytime.
I've successfully found the way to access both Flickr and Skype. Now, finding way to logon. I hope I can upload some photos soon.

cavacavien said...


davide said...

Ciao Miki!!
I'm glad to hear you again :))

-MJL- said...

Miki! Good to hear you're still alive and well! (^_o)

I'm glad you found a way to access Flickr and Skype... hopefully we'll chat soon!

Be strong!


I'm happy to read, you be arrived Well

It's new adventure of life, but i'm sure you success because i know your Soul of Discover

Never forget many people be with you by Spirit

Dear try one Things, it's things that i like so so much

The name is "chicha" it's water pipe look this link

it's very famous in Dubai and arab country

if you want i can give you other things to try because i have many Arab friend and i know great this incredible Culture ; )

Take care of you Sista !!

jeanv said...

Hi Miki!

It's good to have news from you :-)

Looking forward to see photos from you. Have a good time and take care.

Jean :-)

Ps. It's 30 degrees here in Montreal today. Gna gna ;-)

wat_dat said...

hope everything is going ok, ms miki. miss your photos and writings! wishing you happiness...

mkyg said...

Thank you so much for all your comments and emails! I am so happy that I can keep in touch with you ;-) cava-san, Davide, MJL, Oliv, Jean, Wat, Arigatou ^^/ I really appreciate your kindness to take a moment to drop a line here.
It was 30C degree when I arrived because it was 5 am, early in the morning. It's around 45C dgree now at lunch time, and will be even higher in the summer... *_*
I move to an appartment from the hotel last night. I *finally* felt like I've move to another country :P I am not able to see Flickr these days (since anonymous proxy servers are not stable..), but Blogger is visible from my office. I will write againg soon, inc. water pipe teste ;-)
Again, thanks so much and sorry about my brief comment. Take care my dear friends ;-)


how are you Dear??

and you work ???

it's real challenge because the Dubai life be very diffrent from Japan one...

i hope all be okay

mkyg said...

Hi!Oliv, thanks again for your comment. I am doing ok, dear. You are absolutely right, it's so many challenges I am facing regardlessly. Though, I am here for work. I think I can manage ;-) Merci beaucoup, frère Shadow.