Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Cold Feet!?

What in the world could I imagine this would happen to me!?
(dear first visitor: I'm living in Tokyo but moving to Dubai in 13days...)
Ok, I need to confess here I was not a good Japanese citizen.
I didn't like Japan.
It was very boring and restricting country for me up till very recently.

I born in a small village in Chiba, Japan.
My family and I left this small community when I was 12 years old.
We move to Los Angeles, USA, had lived 4 years.
Since then, no matter where I go, every time I have cold feet is when I go back to Japan.
I always cried when my aircraft landed at Narita Airport.
"I'm back again...." and a sigh.

I started taking photography about 11 months ago,
and met an unreplacable person 9 months ago through photography.
(of course, everybody around me is unreplacable, but he was something different)
I was considering Tokyo is great place to make money.
There's alot of job opportunities if you try hard. But that was it.
Through photography and him, my mind had changed gradually
and started to loving this country, miss my friends more, miss Tokyo more,
miss him more than I've ever imagined.

Oh yes, I am, no doubt, cold feet.
And I know this syndrome effects only temporary.
Yet, I just don't want to....

Ok. let's go back to packing...........


!!wat_dat!! said...

be strong, ms miki. always cherish those we leave behind...one never knows...the future could bring you back...it did for me.

Walker Elmas Ranger said...

Miki you're so strong, think about I left my country so few times, that I can't understand your feelings, but I feel them so seriously just like you. I saved my money for years to buy an airline ticket and go to Japan for a small vacation, I was so happy and I couldn't believe I was there. But I know Japan is a difficult place to live, there are so many problems! I hope you will be happy in Dubai and your feets will get warm again sweetie! がんばってください!!

kidge said...

i think anyone in the midst of great change is apt to be cold feet. nobody knows whether the decision you made is correct or not in the future. so, most of people cannot get away from current living situation.
you can make it because you have strong mind, i think. i cannot make the same decision you made...
all of your friends, myself included, hope you will think this decision is correct in the future.
# 久しぶりに英文を考えた...

-MJL- said...

You know what I would say! So I won't say it! (^_^;

AirmanChet said...

Congratulations on your move! When I was a boy I lived near Khobar and Dhahran, Saudi Arabia ... which is close to Dubai. Dubai has grown into such a wonderland. I can't wait to see the pictures you take there.

951753 said...

hi miki I am 『951753』 from flickr, I admire your words & photos so much ! take good care of yourself in Dubai.