Tuesday, July 31, 2007

In The Midafternoon

She doesn't remember how many times she's walked this road. Circle, round, the same old tune continue like a broken mp3. After a daydream in the midafternoon creek.

photo taken by (C)mkyg
Abra is one of the major transportations in Dubai


nicolacassa said...

Is that lady you??

mkyg said...

^^; Hi, Nicola. No, one of the 3 Indian ladies I met at my first experience of "Abra"(and so far.. is also the only experience..). They helped me out how to pay and had some chat on the boat. How to pay? We pass dhs1.00 coin to the boatman after the boat left the station. The passengers on the edge will pass it to next person and to next.. till boatman holding the handle in the center of Abra. No ticket, no automated entrance ;-)