Saturday, July 21, 2007

Take Off

So, how far should I get back to start my story? Maybe, the day I taken off?
I had a great photo session a day before my departure, and was looking forward to do my last photo shoot at Kanda-myojin "Matsuri". Unfortunately, couldn't make it but had enjoyed taking on-the-way-photos to DBX(Dubai International Airport).
At Narita, a city close to my home town, has an international airport but no EK(Emirates Airline) direct flight is available, so I needed to take train to transfer to Haneda Airport. The Haneda Airport is located in beside the Tokyo bay and the monorail is the common access to the Airport.

At 8:45pm, I left Tokyo, and arrived Kansai Airport(another international airport in Osaka, Japan)... I forgot, maybe around 10.30pm. It was quite short transit from domestic line to international line. I was runing in the dark airport passage with a big luggage. I was told to bring the 3 notebook PCs to Dubai office staff... they should not have forgotten I am a lady... I did sucessfully brought 3 PCs and my belongings.
I still remember I did not have any excitement nor fear to departure to unknown place. Nothing special, I was walking, beathing, and shooting.

photos taken by (C)mkyg


jeanv said...

Hi Miki,

It's been a long time. Hope you're going fine.

Take care.

Jean :-)

cavacavien said...


mkyg said...

Hi Jean, thank you. bit by bit, started to enjoying Dubai ;-) cavaさん、コメントありがとう。めっちゃ重かったケド、重いの気付かれたら機内持ち込み止められちゃうと思って、頑張ってしら~っとした顔して搭乗しました(笑)

nicolacassa said...

It is so strange to go away...

mkyg said...

Hi Nicola. Is it? why not ;-)