Monday, March 26, 2007


She was talking to herself.

Do you think you are being loved?
If yes, you are giving love.
We are just the reflectors.
Helping our family, friends, and all other companions receiving what once theirs were.

If you think you are not being loved,
you are not giving love.
Anything is neither only given nor only giving.
It's just the reflections.

Have alot of reflectors around you.
That gives you more opportunities to receive your smile back to you.

Maybe.. ;-)

Two roads seems to have different destination, but in reality these two roads meet in ahead.

photo taken by (C)mkyg



Life be incredible things

Sometime the light be just at the end of the way :D

Feel all and live all that the only things to find the Joy

mkyg said...

Merci beaucoup, frère Shadow ;-)

shadows said...

very nice French Sista Mkyg

you know country is nothing feel be more strong !!!!!!

keep joy in your heart always and take care of you

See ya fast