Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yes, Hi-Lites (Hi-Lites)

It was last Sunday I met Hi-Lights on the street in Akihabara. They were about to start photographing. As I always do when I encounter the strong energies, I pointed my camera at them. It was really interesting to see how they being taken, how the assistant use the reflector while the photographer was back on the ground. The photographer asked them for several expressions like "smile", "angry", "relaxed", and so on. I've been watching similar situation for past 6 month. I really missed the days of shooting with an amazing photographer.
The name of Hi-Lites, according to their home page, is came from the name of cigarette. They were united in May 2005. At that time, 3 members out of 4 were smoking the cigarette called "hi-lite". They also said it compounds the meaning of "brilliance". I'm planning to go their live in April.


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