Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wind-chill (Uta-tabi-bito Cima)

This is just my opinion.
I met a guy this afternoon. His name is Cima. At first glance, to be honest, I thought he is homeless man. His hair was heavy and greasy, the skin was dark and wrinkled. The chipped front tooth and stubbly chin. But once he started to play his guitar and sang, surprisingly he was skilled musician. Yet, more surprisingly, people didn't stop and listen to him at all.. why? because of the place? time? or his appearance?? The place was near the station right beside the crossing. The time was about 2:30pm. It was cloudy but not raining. I had no idea.
When I got home at night, I found one thing from the photos I took. In some photos, he looked so cool and confident, but others were exact opposite. He was more anxious about people around him than his play. His eyes were keep moving, trying hard to get attention by talking than playing. It was pity that he has great voice, fine techniques, yet seemed to have a difficulty in concentration. People tends to turn away when they felt hung on to them.
Uta-tabi-bito(song pilgrim) Cima. He's been playing on the street for 11 years now. Also works as an assistant director of TV programs in Kyoto film studio, and security guard in Tokyo. You'll find him along the JR Chuo-Line, eg. Koenji, Asagaya, Nakano in Tokyo, and Koyoto, Fukuoka. He hitchhikes when he traveling. He showed me both sturdiness and frailty of the human heart. I liked his song.

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photo taken by (C)mkyg

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